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Article: Engagement ring

Engagement ring

History and Evolution of Engagement Rings

  • Ancient Egyptians and Greeks adopting the tradition
  • Engagement rings traced back to ancient Rome
  • Placing rings on the ring finger of the left hand
  • Belief in a vein leading to the heart originated in ancient Roman texts
  • Questioning the idea of engagement rings as part of the bride price
  • Roman brides given two rings, one gold and one iron
  • Transition from betrothal rings to wedding rings during the Protestant Reformation
  • Archduke Maximilian of Austria's influence on diamond rings in the Renaissance
  • De Beers' marketing campaign to revive diamond engagement rings in the 20th century

Engagement Ring Industry

  • Selection and purchase process for Western grooms
  • Matching rings for both partners in some countries
  • Price variation based on materials, design, gemstones, and seller
  • Standardized description of diamonds based on the 4 Cs
  • Popularity of synthetic diamonds and diamond substitutes

Engagement Ring Styles

  • Various styles of engagement rings
  • Preferred metals such as gold and platinum, but also titanium, silver, and stainless steel
  • Diamonds widely featured in engagement rings in the United States
  • Popularity of solitaire rings with one diamond, especially the solitaire prong setting
  • Different prong settings, bands, or side stones

Pricing and Cultural Differences

  • Origin of the idea of spending a significant fraction of income on an engagement ring
  • Average cost of an engagement ring in the US in 2012
  • Association between expensive rings and early divorces
  • Growing trend of online purchase of engagement rings
  • Cultural variations in wearing engagement rings, such as in Nordic countries and Germany

Legal Considerations and Cultural Traditions

  • Legal ownership of engagement rings in case of a failed betrothal
  • Laws regarding broken engagements and the financial implications for women
  • Welding engagement ring and wedding band together for convenience
  • Different legal rules regarding engagement rings in various jurisdictions
  • Cultural variations in blessing, wearing, and moving engagement rings in different traditions

Engagement ring Mentions

Engagement ring Data Sources

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