Lab Grown Diamonds - what you need to know!

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If you've been on the hunt for an engagement ring in Adelaide, more than likely lab-grown diamond choice has come up as an option.

When we are looking to buy diamond jewellery there is something about the term ‘lab-grown’ that can begin to make people feel uncomfortable.  

There is something about it that immediately makes people suspicious and the question I hear time and time again is…’but are they real diamonds?’


Followed by – but are they as good a quality as ‘real’ diamonds?


And probably the third most asked question – can you tell?  Will you be able to see that it is a lab-grown diamond and not a ‘real’ diamond.


I can completely understand the confusion! I think it recent years there have been so many marketing initiatives in the jewellery world selling ‘diamond alternatives’ that the lab-grown diamond has people extremely suspicious.


But here is what EVERYONE needs to know about lab grown diamonds:

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I’ll get straight to the point – YES – lab grown diamonds are REAL diamonds.


They are the same molecular composition as diamonds mined from the earth.


Carbon under pressure = diamonds – just the nature of the pressure changes.


So which is better? Lab-grown diamonds or natural? 


At Harry & Co Jewellery, hand on heart, we cannot tell you which is better – because the truth of it is – you have to decide which is better for YOU.


At the heart of our beautiful endeavour, we want to bring choice.  Transparent, well educated choice.  We want to bring you beautiful, high quality options.


And both lab-grown diamonds and natural mined diamonds are high quality options. 

They are 2 very different options but they are both high quality options that we stand behind with pride.


It all depends on YOU and what you value and prioritise.


Some basic facts to start with:

 In Australia, the lab-grown diamond industry and market is relatively new (as in the last 5 years new) which is the main reason that we have only seen growth in the lab-grown diamond popularity in the last few years.  Before this, quality that arrived in Australia wasn’t great and was in short supply.  It has been very much a part of the USA diamond jewellery market for at least the last 10 years which is why you often see it more readily available on US sites.


To be able to offer high quality lab grown diamonds in Adelaide, Australia, is something I am honoured to present and am so so proud of!


The other truth – unless you are a gemmologist with the particular equipment you need to test diamonds – you cannot tell the difference between a natural and a lab grown difference.  The reason being is because to the naked eye, which is how we all love and appreciate jewellery day-to-day – there is NO difference.


So what are lab-grown diamonds:

 Simply put – lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that have been created by humans instead of forming naturally underground.


They are sometimes called man-made diamonds, cultured diamonds, or synthetic diamonds.  None of these words are actually helpful for giving you an accurate name as they all suggest that they are not real diamonds. But as you now know – they are.


Lab-grown diamonds are NOT ‘diamond simulants’ or ‘diamond alternatives’ – moissanite on the other hand is just that. 


Lab-grown diamonds are NOT imitations of diamonds.  They are a real diamond in every sense of the gemstone. 


The only people who can tell the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are gemmologist with fancy equipment!

 Without getting into the gemmological details of diamond detection, unless you have access to a UV transparency device or a phosphorescence imaging device -not things that most people have lying around, you will never be able to see the difference with the naked eye.


That’s not to say you can’t see a high quality diamond from a lower quality diamond with the naked eye – this will always be true.  But a high quality lab-grown diamond and a high quality natural diamond is a high quality diamond to anyone’s eye – there is no visual difference from one to the other. 


So…should you buy a lab-grown diamond?

 That is something only you can decide! And our part in that process is to show you both.  To give you side-by-side comparisons of whatever type of diamond you are looking at.


If you are looking for an oval shape diamond of a particular carat weight – let us give you lab-grown and natural diamond options and see for yourself.


Our mission at Harry & Co Jewellery is to design and handcraft exquisite pieces of jewellery, jewellery with deep meaning and emotion for you and your loved ones at the most wonderful times of your life. 


The choice of diamond or gemstone needs to be entirely yours.  One you fall in love with, and we love to help sources some beautiful options just for you.


Lab-grown diamonds are a good options for those:

 Who are interested in a cost-effective diamond option and/or are wanting a particular size of diamond.


Lab-grown options are at least a third to a half as expensive as their natural mined counterparts.  This makes them an excellent option if you are looking for quite a large gemstone and want to keep within a reasonable budget.


For those who are interested in a more eco-friendly diamond sourcing method.


Diamond mining has its fair dent on our earth, despite the fact that there is now The Kimberly Process which is the most ethical method of natural diamond mining.  All our natural diamonds are sourced from merchants who only use this method but even still, lab grown diamond creation is still more economically friendly to our earth than our best natural mining methonds.


Whilst there is no denying that the lab-grown diamond manufacturer carbon emissions have an impact on our environment, everything we know about both industries suggests that it is far more eco-friendly to buy lab-grown diamonds.


And whilst it might now seem like a no-brainer to buy lab-grown diamonds – it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t address the other side of this.


So – the reasons we still see people choosing to buy natural mined diamonds…


  1. Potential Resale

There is no denying that the price of lab-grown diamonds has decreased in recent years. 


Lab grown diamonds are less expensive to buy than they were a few years ago.


Natural mined diamonds tend to slowly increase in price – however marginally.



  1. The emotional connection with a rock that is billions of years old and a part of our earth.


There are many people who absolutely cherish and adore that feeling of a having a gemstone that the earth formed in its mantle of the course of billions and billions of years.  And we get that – it is actually awe inspiring when you think of it!


So, before you make your purchase you need to ask yourself – will the way your diamond has been made impact the way you see it or the value or the meaning it holds for you?


So, with all that said, if you are trying to decide between a lab-grown and a natural diamond it really boils down to what your main priorities are.


There is absolutely no right or wrong decision you can make here, you have to make the decision that sits beautifully well with you!

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