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Article: Engraving


Engraving Techniques and Tools

  • Engraving is the practice of incising a design onto a hard surface using a burin.
  • It can be used to decorate objects like silver, gold, steel, or glass.
  • Engraving can also provide intaglio printing plates for printing images on paper.
  • Wood engraving and rock engravings are different forms of engraving.
  • Engravers use tools like burins, gravers, and Florentine liners to cut the design into the surface.
  • Tool geometry and sharpening are important for accuracy in hand engraving.
  • Modern engraving machines are used for lettering and inscriptions on various objects.

Artwork Design and Handpieces

  • Design or artwork is prepared in advance, using techniques like hand drawing or computer-generated artwork.
  • Various methods are used to transfer designs, such as laser marking or using chemicals with inkjet or laser printouts.
  • Handpieces, in various shapes and power ranges, are used for pushing or manipulating the work-piece.
  • Knobs can be handmade from wood, molded from plastic, or machine-made from metals like brass or steel.
  • Modern pneumatic engraving systems have different handpiece designs.

Engraving Techniques and Methods

  • Engraving is traditionally done by a combination of pressure and manipulating the work-piece.
  • Modern technology has brought mechanically assisted engraving systems.
  • Pneumatic engraving systems reduce the effort needed in traditional hand engraving.
  • Engravers use hand push, pneumatic, rotary, or hammer and chisel methods.

Finishing and Modern Applications

  • Finishing is necessary for metal that may rust or when a colored finish is desired.
  • Spray lacquers and finishing techniques are used to seal and protect the work.
  • Lightly sanding the surface removes small chips of metal called burrs.
  • Some engravers use black paints or inks to darken exposed metal areas.
  • Engraving is commonly used in jewelry, printing industry, sports trophies, and personalization.

History and Impact of Engraving

  • Engraving has been practiced since ancient times, with evidence dating back to 540,000-430,000 years ago.
  • Engraving on bone, ivory, and rocks was common during the Upper Paleolithic period.
  • Engraving has been used to reproduce other forms of art, such as paintings, and was commonly used in newspapers and books.
  • Hand-engraving experienced a renaissance in the mid-20th century with the introduction of pneumatic systems.

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