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Ring Sizes

Due to the hand finished nature of our jewellery making we are able to make our rings to your exact ring size.

You may know your ring size from being sized by a jeweller.  If so, please select ‘Custom Ring Size’ and type your ring size in the ‘Order Note’ on the cart page.

If you are buying the ring as a gift then you can use our standardised ring sizes and remember – if the size isn’t right they can always return it within 120 days and they can size their finger then!

Our standard sizes are:

Small = Australian Size L

Medium = Australian Size M

Large = Australian Size P

It’s important to know that, different fingers on the same and opposite hands have different ring sizes. 

SO if you are getting your finger measured by a jewellery please ensure you measure the specific finger at the specific place you will be wearing your ring to make sure it fits as well as possible.

Measure your finger at the end of the day when your finger is likely to be at its largest.


Sizing of Necklaces, Bracelets and Bangles

All our necklaces are made at 45cm with a jump ring at 38cm for it to be worn at 2 lengths.  If you have a special requirement, we'd love to custom make something for you.  Contact us at and we will help you from there.

All our bracelets are made at 18cm with a jump ring at 17cm so it is able to be shortened. If you have a larger or smaller wrist we would love to custom make something for you.  

Contact us at and we will help you from there.

Our cuffs and bangles have measurements next to their sizes outlined on the product page.  If you are unsure whether the sizes are suitable, you can measure your size by bringing fingers and thumbs together and measuring the widest part of your hand, this is the motion you make as you slip on a bangle.

Only one thing to remember - our crossover bangle actually has a clasp so it is made smaller than a normal bangle as you don't have to slide it over your hand!

If you are unsure just contact and we'd love to help!

Do your necklaces come in different lengths?

All necklaces are made to 45cm length with a jump ring at 38cm allowing it to be worn in 2 sizes.  If you would like another size we would be happy to help!

Contact and we'll take it from there!