Care And Repair


When caring for your jewellery it is important to remember that this is fine jewellery which have their vulnerabilities as do precious gemstones. To maintain your fine jewellery we recommend avoiding exposure to impact, pressure or extreme temperatures. 

 Precious metal, natural gemstones and even diamonds can crack or chip on impact with the wrong object.

The most important thing to remember when caring for fine jewellery is understanding appropriate wear.  We want you to love and enjoy wearing your jewellery but please take care to remove when:

  •  Showering or bathing
  • Sleeping
  • Applying cosmetics or perfumes
  • Exercising
  • Cooking, washing up, cleaning etc
  • Swimming
  • Gardening
  • Doing any hands on work where your jewellery is exposed to chemicals or force

 Handle your jewellery with care.  It is fine jewellery after all!

 Store it carefully to avoid it getting tangled or scratched.

 Put your jewellery on last after dressing.


You can polish your jewellery with a soft cotton cloth or a jewellery polishing cloth. Cubic zirconias can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush.

Are your items solid gold? Or gold plated?

We have most of our pieces in 9ct gold, gold plated and silver.  We are always very clear about what you are buying and the prices reflect the product.  9ct gold prices are significantly higher than the same product in silver or gold plated and this reflects the cost of the metal used.  

For some pieces, there has been a decision to make in silver with 9ct gold plating and to not have a solid 9ct gold option. This is to keep the cost of the piece accessible and to keep it light to wear.  Some of the earrings have been made in this way to make them beautiful and easy to wear, as well as the bangles and cuffs.  If the earrings you are looking at are gold plated, please rest assured they still have 9ct solid gold ear posts and butterflies meaning that your ears are not exposed to the silver filled gold plating.

If you buy earrings in silver then the posts and butterflies will also be silver so please keep this in mind.

On the rare occasions where we are using gold plating and not solid gold, it will all be clearly explained on the product page.  Transparency always.

What materials are used in the making of your products?

Almost all our products are made with 9ct solid gold, either white gold, yellow gold or rose gold.  There are also options to buy in silver and gold plated.  We also use silver to fill our gold plated pieces.

We use high quality and ethically sourced precious stones, diamonds, onyx and pearls.

How do I maintain jewellery with diamonds or gemstones?

Pieces with gemstones require extra special care.  The main gemstones used within our jewellery include, but are not limited to, cubic zirconia, freshwater pearls, onyx, and garnet.  They should be stored in a soft cotton cloth and should not be exposed to chemicals, hot water or rapid changes in temperature.

Avoid impact against hard surfaces or contact with abrasive surfaces. 

 Even diamonds can be chipped or cracked with enough force at the wrong point. Many gemstones, including the ones we use in a lot of our pieces such as pearls, tourmaline and rubies, are very delicate.  Avoid extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics and household cleaning chemicals when wearing your jewellery.

What is the best way to store fine jewellery?

Store your fine jewellery in a cool dry place in your original packaging or in a specialty jewellery pouch.  Take care to keep fine chains untangled.

What does gold plating mean?

Gold plating, or vermeil or guilding, is the process of applying a thin layer of gold over another metal, in our case silver.  If a piece is gold plated in our store, it is made of silver and has a thin layer of gold plated over the top.  This ensures the ease, shine and polish of gold with the tarnish of silver and without the price tag of solid gold.  Please remember that if our earrings are gold plated they still have solid gold ear posts and butterflies to secure.

Does gold plating ever wear off?

Coats of gold plating naturally wear away over time and at Harry & Co, we are pleased to be able to offer re-plating as your piece needs it.  Simply get in touch at and we can take it from there.  Your first re-plating is on us!

How should I care for my gold plated earrings?

Additional care needs to be taken with gold plated pieces as the gold layer will wear off over time.  Clean your gold plated earrings by washing your pieces in lukewarm soapy water, rinsing and drying immediately. 

We recommend storing your gold plated pieces away from any hard surfaces that can scratch or damage the finish. 

Try and avoid getting hair sprays, perfume, cream or other chemicals on your vermeil, as this can cause tarnishing.

If you find that one of our gold plated earrings is losing its gold plating, we offer a re-plating service for a small fee.  Please contact for more information.  

Your first re-plating is on us!

My favourite necklace has become knotted! What should I do?

To work through any knots, we recommend using a pin to gently untangle the chain. Take care to avoid being too heavy handed, as you may break the chain.  Generally, gently and patiently working on a knot will work but if you are having significant difficulty please feel free to contact and we will be happy to assist you with this if you are finding it too difficult.  Fine chains should be stored in their original box or carefully hung to avoid tangling.

My gold plating has scratched/worn off, what do I do?

Gold plating naturally wears away over time so we offer a repair service for this. Your first repeating is on us! Please contact us at