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Article: Soldering



  • Soldering was employed in Mesopotamia as early as 5,000 years ago.
  • Soldering and brazing likely originated before 4000 BC.
  • Sumerian swords from c.3000 BC were assembled using hard soldering.
  • Soldering was historically used for making jewelry, cookware, stained glass, and more.
  • It has been used for various purposes throughout history.


  • Soldering is used in plumbing, electronics, metalwork, jewelry, and musical instruments.
  • It provides connections in plumbing systems, sheet metal objects, and stained glass work.
  • Electronic soldering connects wiring and components to printed circuit boards.
  • Musical instruments, especially brass and woodwind instruments, utilize soldering and brazing.
  • It has a wide range of applications in different industries.


  • Solderability measures the ease of creating soldered joints with different materials.
  • Copper, zinc, brass, silver, and gold are easy to solder.
  • Iron, mild steel, and nickel are moderately difficult to solder.
  • Stainless steel, some aluminum alloys, and other materials pose challenges in soldering.
  • Certain materials require plating with a suitable metallic element to enable soldering.


  • Soldering filler materials come in various alloys for different applications.
  • The eutectic alloy with 63% tin and 37% lead is commonly used in electronics assembly.
  • Other alloys are used in plumbing, mechanical assembly, and electronics.
  • Lead-free solders are gaining popularity due to environmental concerns.
  • Different solder formulations have specific melting points and characteristics.

Soldering vs. brazing

  • Soldering and brazing are two different joining processes.
  • Soldering uses filler metal with a lower melting point than the base metals.
  • Brazing uses filler metal with a higher melting point than the base metals.
  • Soldering is commonly used for electronics, plumbing, and jewelry.
  • Brazing is often used for high-temperature applications and joining different metals.

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