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Article: Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond

Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond

Characteristics of the Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond

  • Largest cut black diamond in the world
  • Fifth largest diamond overall
  • Weight: 312.24 carats (62.448g)
  • Color: Black
  • Cut: Mogul

Origin and Ownership of the Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond

  • Originally from the Central African Republic
  • Cut by Swiss jeweler De Grisogono
  • Uncut weight: 587 carats (117.4g)
  • Cut by Fawaz Gruosi
  • Set in a white gold ring

Additional Diamonds in the Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond ring

  • Ring includes 702 smaller white diamonds
  • Totaling 36.69 carats (7.338g)
  • Enhances the beauty of the main diamond
  • Adds to the overall value of the ring
  • Ring said to have been sold

Related Information about the Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond

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  • References: Sybarites, Peora
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Importance and Significance of the Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond

  • Represents a remarkable achievement in diamond cutting
  • Showcases the craftsmanship of De Grisogono
  • Attracts attention due to its size and color
  • Adds to the prestige of the owner
  • Contributes to the history of famous diamonds

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