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Article: Pendeloque


Gemstone Cuts

  • Briolette
  • Type of gemstone cut
  • Characterized by its elongated shape and numerous facets
  • Popular in jewelry designs
  • Adds elegance and sparkle to pieces
  • Often used in earrings and pendants
  • Cut (gems)
  • Process of shaping a gemstone
  • Involves cutting and polishing the stone
  • Enhances the stone's brilliance and beauty
  • Different cuts include round, princess, and emerald
  • Cut affects the stone's value and appearance

Gemstone Cutting

  • Gemstone cutting
  • Process of transforming rough gemstones into polished gems
  • Requires skill and precision
  • Different cutting techniques are used for different gemstones
  • Cutting affects the stone's brilliance, color, and clarity
  • Gemstone cutting is an important aspect of the jewelry industry

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  • Briolette of India Diamond is an online source about briolette gemstones
  • Archived from the original on 31 December 2010
  • Retrieved on 7 January 2011
  • Wiktionary is a free dictionary to look up the term 'pendeloque'
  • Wikipedia article is a stub about design-related topics


  • Pendeloque (mentioned in the reference)
  • Term that can be looked up on Wiktionary
  • Not enough information provided to categorize it with other concepts

Pendeloque Data Sources

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