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Article: Pectoral (Ancient Egypt)

Pectoral (Ancient Egypt)

Definition and Types of Pectorals

  • The pectoral is a wide piece of jewelry.
  • The word for pectoral can also include amulets.
  • The pectoral can be represented by different hieroglyphs.
  • Some pectoral words use the determinative for collar.
  • The pectoral can be made of metal or beads.

Pectorals in Statuary

  • Standing statues sometimes include pectorals as jewelry.
  • The symbolism of pectorals in statues is often enigmatic.
  • Pectorals can be worn by gods or represent their attributes.
  • Pectorals are a form of adornment in statuary.
  • Louvre has statues with pectorals on display.

Famous Pectorals and Hieroglyph Statements

  • Pectorals often feature statements in Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  • The Pectoral of Amenemhat III showcases his rulership.
  • Amenemhat III's pectoral includes his prenomen name.
  • Hieroglyphs on pectorals convey power and authority.
  • Egyptian language hieroglyphs are the theme of famous pectorals.

Pectorals as Brooch Gallery

  • Pectorals can be worn as brooches.
  • The hieroglyphs on brooch pectorals include ankh, basket, and Eye of Horus.
  • Pectorals as brooches are a gallery of different symbols.
  • Pectorals as brooches can be made of various materials.
  • Brooch pectorals are a form of adornment.

Pectorals as Necklace Gallery

  • Pectorals can be worn as necklaces.
  • The hieroglyphs on necklace pectorals include crowns and the Eye of Horus.
  • Pectorals as necklaces are a gallery of different symbols.
  • Pectorals as necklaces can be made of different materials.
  • Necklace pectorals are a form of adornment.

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