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Article: Pendant


Overview and History of Pendants

  • Pendants are among the oldest recorded types of bodily adornment
  • Ancient Egyptians commonly wore pendants, some shaped like hieroglyphs
  • Pendants can serve several functions, such as awards, identification, ornamentation, ostentation, protection, and self-affirmation
  • Specialized types of pendants include lockets and pendilia
  • Pendants can be incorporated into necklaces or stand as separate items

Types of Pendants

  • Amulets are wearable pendants believed to possess magical or spiritual power
  • Talismans are objects that confer special benefits or powers upon the wearer
  • Lockets are small objects that open to reveal a space for holding a small object, like a photograph
  • Medallions are coin-shaped pendants worn around the neck or pinned onto clothing

Pendant Painting and Symbolism

  • Pendant painting refers to a pair of paintings conceived as a set
  • Couples often gift pendants as a marriage proposition in some cultures

Functional Pendants

  • Travellers sundial pendant is a portable form of astronomical rings used to tell time from the sun
  • Tools like Maori pounamu pendants, shepherds whistles, bosuns whistles, and ocarinas can be worn as pendants
  • Portable astronomical and navigational instruments have been made as pendants
  • In the 21st century, jewellers started incorporating USB flash drives into pendants

Fashion Pendants

  • Fashion pendants are small creative pieces made from precious or non-precious stones and metals
  • They hang freely from a chain or necklace and are worn as a statement piece or fashion ornament

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