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Article: Paragon (diamond)

Paragon (diamond)

Paragon Diamond

  • Largest flawless diamond in the world
  • Weighs 137.82 carats (27.564g)
  • Tenth largest white diamond globally
  • Mined in Brazil
  • Exceptional white, flawless stone of great size

Acquisition and Cutting

  • Acquired by Graff Diamonds, a Mayfair-based jeweler
  • Stone cut into a seven-sided kite shield configuration
  • Necklace and bracelet lengths
  • Total mass of 190.27 carats (38.054g)
  • Contains rare pink, blue, and yellow diamonds

Association with the Millennium

  • Necklace worn by model Naomi Campbell
  • Worn at a diamond gala held by De Beers and Versace
  • Gala held at Syon House in 1999
  • Necklace has associations with the end of the millennium
  • Symbolizes the celebration of a new era

Unique Design

  • Unusual seven-sided kite shield configuration
  • Necklace separates into both necklace and bracelet lengths
  • Design created by Graff Diamonds
  • Showcases the beauty of the Paragon diamond
  • Enhances the overall aesthetic appeal

Rarity and Value

  • Paragon diamond is a rare find
  • Exceptional quality and size contribute to its value
  • Necklace includes other rare colored diamonds
  • Combined mass of all diamonds is 190.27 carats (38.054g)
  • High value associated with the Paragon diamond necklace

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