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Article: Middle finger

Middle finger

Anatomy of the Middle Finger

  • The middle finger is the third digit of the human hand.
  • It is located between the index finger and the ring finger.
  • In anatomy, it is also referred to as the third finger, digitus medius, or digitus tertius.
  • The middle finger is typically the longest digit.
  • It is supplied by proper palmar digital arteries, dorsal digital arteries, dorsal digital nerves of radial nerve, and proper palmar digital nerves of median nerve.

Offensive Gesture

  • In Western countries, extending the middle finger is considered an offensive and obscene gesture.
  • It is widely recognized as a form of insult due to its resemblance to an erect penis.
  • The gesture is colloquially known as flipping the bird, flipping off someone, or giving someone the finger.
  • The middle finger is often used for finger snapping along with the thumb.
  • The offensive gesture can be performed with the middle finger alone or with the index finger (V sign) in the United Kingdom.

Alternative Names and Cultural References

  • The middle finger is also known as the long finger, second finger, third finger, toll finger, or tall man.
  • It is referred to as digitus III manus, digitus medius manus, or digitus tertius manus in Latin.
  • The offensive gesture of the middle finger has cultural references in various media and literature.
  • There are books, such as '101 Ways to Flip the Bird,' that explore different variations of the gesture.
  • The middle finger has been depicted in popular culture and can be found in various images and memes.

Finger Snapping and Other Uses

  • The middle finger is often used for finger snapping, where it is snapped together with the thumb.
  • Finger snapping can create a distinctive sound.
  • The middle finger can be used to point or gesture in certain contexts.
  • It is also used in hand signs, such as the peace sign (index and middle finger raised) or the rock and roll sign (index and pinky finger raised).
  • The middle finger can be involved in various hand gestures and expressions.

Additional Resources and References

  • Finger numbering is a related topic that explores the numbering system of fingers.
  • References for further information on the middle finger can be found on and
  • The BBC News and The Guardian have articles discussing the offensive nature of the middle finger gesture.
  • The book '101 Ways to Flip the Bird' by Jason Joseph and Rick Joseph provides insights into the cultural significance of the gesture.
  • Wikimedia Commons has media related to middle fingers, including images and illustrations.

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