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Article: Argentium sterling silver

Argentium sterling silver

Origins and Development of Argentium Silver

  • Argentium silver is the result of research conducted at the Art and Design Research Institute (ADRI), School of Art & Design, Middlesex University.
  • The project began in 1990 with research on the effects of germanium additions to silver alloys.
  • Germanium was found to impart several properties to sterling silver, including firescale elimination, high tarnish resistance, precipitation hardening, simple heat-hardening properties, increased ductility, and increased thermal and electrical resistance.
  • These properties have significant impacts on traditional silverworking methods, such as eliminating the need for plating the final product and reducing tedious steps for silver workers.
  • Argentium silver was patented and trademarked by Argentium Silver Company, UK.

Properties and Benefits of Argentium Silver

  • The addition of germanium to silver alloys improves their suitability for welding and laser forming.
  • Argentium silver has increased resistance, making it more durable.
  • The environmental advantages of Argentium silver include eliminating the need for harsh chemicals involved in removing or plating over firescale.
  • The patent for Argentium silver mentions possible trace amounts of boron, not exceeding 20ppm.


  • US patent 6168071, issued to Peter Gamon Johns, describes a method for joining materials together using silver/germanium alloys.
  • Peter Johns' research on fire-stain resistant silver alloys is referenced in a publication from the 11th Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology.
  • Additional reading materials include investigations on the quality of enamel on germanium silver and articles on Argentium sterling silver.

Further Reading

  • Various articles and publications provide more information on Argentium sterling silver, including its properties, testing, and usage in jewelry making.

External Links

  • The official website of Argentium silver.
  • The Argentium Silver Guild's website, which provides information and resources related to Argentium silver.

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