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Article: Wedlease


Alternative Marriages

  • Wedlease
  • Handfasting (Neopaganism)
  • Marriage of convenience
  • Nikah Misyar (Sunni Islam)
  • Nikah mut‘ah (Shia Islam)

References on Wedlease

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Temporary Marriages in Different Cultures

  • Probationary marriage in Scotland
  • Temporary marriages in Islam (Nikah Misyar and Nikah mut‘ah)
  • Mexico City Plans Renewable Marriage (concept of renewable marriage)

Other Marriage Concepts

  • Sponsalia de futuro
  • Monogamish (redefined concept of monogamy)
  • Throuple (relationship involving three people)
  • Marriage as a rental property (alternative perspective on relationships)
  • Short-term marriages discussed by experts

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