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Article: Watchmaker


Role and Skills of a Watchmaker

  • Artisan who makes and repairs watches
  • Originally built watches by hand, including all parts
  • Majority now only repair watches due to factory-made production
  • Requires fabrication skills to manufacture replacement parts
  • Clockmaker refers to an equivalent occupation specializing in clocks

Training of Watchmakers

  • Historically underwent a seven-year apprenticeship and joined a guild
  • Modern training courses offered by organizations like BHI and WOSTEP
  • US watchmaking schools focus on both modern and older watches
  • Danish apprenticeship lasts four years, covering clocks and watches
  • France offers diplomas in horology, ranging from two to four years

Watchmaker as a Metaphor

  • William Paley used the watchmaker analogy to imply the existence of God
  • Richard Dawkins applied the analogy to argue that evolution is blind
  • Metaphor utilized in Alan Moore's graphic novel 'Watchmen'
  • Watchmaker profession associated with the villain Sylar in the TV series 'Heroes'
  • Watchmakers portrayed as a sub-species in the novel 'The Mote in God's Eye'

Watchmakers in Popular Culture

  • Watchmaker metaphor central to the backstory of Dr. Manhattan in 'Watchmen'
  • Villain Sylar in 'Heroes' is a watchmaker with the ability to gain superpowers
  • Watchmakers depicted as a sub-species in the novel 'The Mote in God's Eye'
  • Pierce Brosnan plays a watchmaker-turned-professional killer in the film 'Survivor'
  • Watchmakers play a role in various forms of media, showcasing their precision skills

References and Resources

  • 'The Watch Repairer's Manual' by Henry B. Fried
  • 'How to Make a Verge Watch' by Ferdinand Berthoud and Jacob Auch
  • 'Practical Watchmaking' by Vigniaux
  • Additional references and resources can be found on external websites
  • Wikimedia Commons has a collection of media related to watchmakers

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