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Article: Royal Asscher Diamond Company

Royal Asscher Diamond Company

History and Establishment of Royal Asscher Diamond Company

  • The Royal Asscher Diamond Company was founded in 1854 by the Asscher family of gemcutters.
  • Its headquarters are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with regional headquarters in New York City and Tokyo.
  • The company has a long-standing reputation and is still owned by the Asscher family.
  • In 1980, the company was bestowed with the Dutch Royal Predicate from Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.
  • The company was established in 1854 by Joseph Isaac Asscher.
  • Joseph Asscher passed down his expertise to his five sons.
  • The company became known as the Asscher Diamond Company and served famous clients.
  • The company was one of the largest diamond polishing companies in the world.
  • Royalty, celebrities, and politicians were among the private clients of the company.

The Asscher Cut

  • The Asscher cut was designed and patented by Joseph Asscher in 1902.
  • It was the world's first patented diamond cut.
  • The original design had 58 step-cut facets and a small table.
  • Asscher cut diamonds have a square shape with cut corners.
  • They are known for their brilliance and the 'hall of mirrors' effect.

The Royal Asscher Cut

  • The Royal Asscher Cut was revised by Joseph Asscher's great-grand nephews.
  • It has 74 facets and creates a mirrored pool effect.
  • The design is inspired by the Cullinan II diamond of the Imperial Crown.
  • It combines the brilliance of a round cut with the angles of an emerald cut.
  • The Royal Asscher Cut is patented.

Other Royal Asscher Diamond Cuts

  • The Royal Asscher Round Brilliant Cut has 74 facets and removes darker elements seen in traditional round diamonds.
  • The Royal Asscher Oval Cut has 74 facets and is consistently beautiful.
  • The Royal Asscher Cushion Cut has additional faceting on the table and bottom of its design.
  • All of the Royal Asscher diamond cuts are patented.
  • Each cut has its own unique features and beauty.

Post-War, Royal Title, Authenticity, Fancy Cut Specialists, and Present

  • Only ten Asscher family members and fifteen polishers survived the Holocaust.
  • The diamond industry in Amsterdam was virtually wiped out during the war.
  • The Asscher Diamond Company was destroyed.
  • Antwerp emerged as a major diamond polishing center.
  • Joop and Louis Asscher chose to rebuild the Asscher Diamond Company in Amsterdam.
  • Her Majesty Queen Juliana of the Netherlands granted the Asscher Diamond Company a royal title.
  • The royal title was given in tribute to the company's leading role in the diamond industry.
  • The Asscher family secured international design patents on all of their cuts.
  • Royal Asscher is trademarked and the company owns exclusive rights to the name.
  • Each diamond is laser inscribed with the Royal Asscher logo and an identification number.
  • The number is logged with the Royal Asscher Diamond Company in Amsterdam.
  • A Royal Asscher certificate accompanies the diamond.
  • The Royal Asscher Diamond Company is known for being Fancy Cut specialists.
  • Consumer interest in generic fancy shape diamonds has grown with the rise of the internet and online sellers.
  • Non-round shapes used to be harder to find and purchase.
  • Royal Asscher has developed four cuts that are considered the ultimate expressions of beauty.
  • Each cut has 16 more facets compared to generic counterparts.
  • The fifth and sixth generations of the Asscher family are leading the company.
  • Edward Asscher announced his retirement in March 2020.
  • Lita Asscher and Mike Asscher will serve as co-presidents of the firm.
  • Royal Asscher jewellery is often seen at red-carpet events.
  • The company keeps a 'Golden Book' of visitors, including prominent figures such as Emperor Hirohito and Queen Elizabeth II.

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