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Article: Matchmaking


Traditional Matchmaking Practices

  • Traditional matchmaking is a folk program in Russian museums.
  • Matchmakers like the Ashkenazi Jewish shadchan and Hindu astrologers were considered essential advisors.
  • In cultures with arranged marriages, astrologers claimed that the stars sanctified matches.
  • Tarot divination has also been used by some matchmakers.

Matchmaking through Social Events

  • Social dances like contra dance and square dance have been used in matchmaking.
  • Matchmakers would attend social events and advise families of potential romances.
  • Church gatherings were a common place for marriage-age children to meet.
  • Matchmakers acted as chaperones or busybodies serving social purposes.
  • Their influence on relationships in non-arranged marriage cultures is difficult to determine.

Matchmaking with the Role of Clergy

  • Clergy played a key role in most Western cultures as trusted mediators.
  • Matchmaking was a peripheral function of the village priest in Medieval Catholic society.
  • Rabbis had a duty of matchmaking in traditional Jewish communities.
  • The shidduch system is a Jewish matchmaking practice in Orthodox Jewish communities.
  • Clergy continue to play a role in modern matchmaking in certain societies.

Resurgence of Interest in Traditional Matchmaking

  • Dissatisfaction with dating apps and reality shows has led to increased interest in traditional matchmaking.
  • Television shows like 'Million Dollar Matchmaker' and 'Indian Matchmaking' have contributed to the resurgence.
  • The pandemic has made it harder for singles to meet organically, increasing interest in professional matchmakers.
  • People who prefer human intelligence and personal touches can choose from a wide range of matchmaking services.
  • The role of the professional matchmaker has gained prominence in recent years.

Matchmaking in Asia

  • Singapore's Social Development Unit (SDU) offers professional counsel and dating system technology.
  • The role of the matchmaker has become institutionalized in Singapore.
  • Every citizen in Singapore has access to matchmaking services.
  • Iran has 50 dating agencies according to the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance.
  • Matchmaking services in Asia have become more accessible and widespread.

Matchmaking Data Sources

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