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Article: Jewish wedding

Jewish wedding

Wedding Ceremony

  • The chuppah is a central element of the Jewish wedding ceremony.
  • The badeken is the veiling ceremony where the groom covers the bride's face.
  • The procession is the order in which the wedding party enters the ceremony.
  • Rituals such as the breaking of the glass and the seven blessings are performed during the ceremony.
  • The ketubah is a marriage contract that outlines the couple's obligations to each other.

Wedding Rings

  • Jewish wedding rings are traditionally plain and without gemstones.
  • The ring is placed on the index finger during the ceremony.
  • The ring is a symbol of the couple's commitment and unity.
  • The groom gives the ring to the bride as a sign of his acceptance of responsibility.
  • The ring is typically made of gold or another precious metal.

Wedding Reception

  • The wedding reception often includes traditional Jewish dances, such as the hora.
  • Birkat Hamazon, the grace after meals, is recited during the reception.
  • The reception is a time for celebration, feasting, and joyous festivities.
  • The couple may be lifted on chairs during the reception.
  • Music and dancing are important elements of the wedding reception.


  • Yichud is a private moment for the newly married couple to be alone.
  • It is a time for the couple to bond and reflect on their new status as husband and wife.
  • Yichud is considered a sacred and intimate part of the wedding day.
  • The couple may share a meal or engage in conversation during yichud.
  • It is a time for the couple to connect emotionally and spiritually.

Halachic Prenups

  • Halachic prenups are legal agreements that protect women in case of divorce.
  • They help prevent situations where a woman becomes an agunah, unable to obtain a religious divorce.
  • Prenups are becoming more common in Jewish weddings.
  • They are supported by some rabbis and organizations as a way to address issues of divorce and gett refusal.
  • Prenups provide a legal framework for resolving disputes and ensuring fairness in divorce proceedings.

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