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Article: Great Mogul Diamond

Great Mogul Diamond

History of the Great Mogul Diamond

  • The Great Mogul Diamond was gifted by Emir Jemla to Shah Jahan, the 5th Mughal emperor.
  • It was described as unparalleled in size and beauty.
  • A Venetian lapidary named Ortensio Borgio was assigned to cut the stone.
  • Borgio decided to address the inclusion problem by grinding away at the diamond.
  • The diamond was transferred to Lahore Subah and later became part of the spoils of war when Mughal India was invaded.

The Great Mogul Diamond in Fiction

  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel 'The Sign of the Four' features the Great Mogul being stolen and thrown into the River Thames.
  • In the science fiction novel 'Edison's Conquest of Mars,' the Great Mogul is used to fund the invasion of Mars.
  • Bangladeshi writer Qazi Anwar Hussain includes the Great Mogul in his book 'I Love You, Man.'
  • The story revolves around finding the stone and facing dangers.
  • The Great Mogul has been used as a plot device in various fictional works.

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External Links

  • The great Mughal and the Orlov Diamond
  • The Great Mogul Diamond
  • Spring 1941, The Great Mogul; Star of South Africa (or Dudley), p. 143, 2pp.

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