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Article: Diamond enhancement

Diamond enhancement

Clarity enhancements

  • Clarity refers to internal inclusions of a diamond, such as black carbon spots and small cracks.
  • Inclusions like air bubbles and mineral deposits also affect the value of a diamond.
  • Laser drilling is a technique used to remove black carbon inclusions.
  • Laser drilling involves using an infrared laser to create a route of access to the inclusion.
  • Sulfuric acid is used to dissolve the black carbon crystal after laser drilling.

Fracture filling

  • Fractures are common inside diamonds and can affect their beauty.
  • Fracture filling makes these fractures less visible to the naked eye.
  • The process involves using specially-formulated fillers with a refractive index similar to diamond.
  • The Yehuda process, pioneered by Zvi Yehuda, is a popular method of fracture filling.
  • The filler used in fracture-filled diamonds can usually be detected by a trained gemologist under a microscope.

Color irradiation and annealing treatments

  • Color irradiation and annealing treatments are used to enhance the color of diamonds.
  • These treatments can transform yellow and brown diamonds into vibrant fancy colors.
  • The CIBJO and government agencies require the disclosure of all diamond treatments at the time of sale.
  • Enhanced diamonds are priced lower than untreated diamonds due to their lower quality before enhancement.
  • After enhancement, the visual appearance of enhanced diamonds can be as good as non-enhanced diamonds.

Controversy surrounding diamond enhancements

  • Some treatments, particularly those applied to clarity, are highly controversial within the industry.
  • The controversy arises from the belief that diamonds hold a unique or sacred place among gemstones.
  • Radical treatments may damage consumer confidence in the authenticity and value of diamonds.
  • The disclosure of diamond treatments is explicitly required by organizations like CIBJO and government agencies.
  • The controversy surrounding diamond enhancements highlights the industry's concern for maintaining consumer trust.

Impact on diamond pricing and demand

  • Clarity and color enhanced diamonds are priced lower compared to untreated diamonds.
  • Enhanced diamonds are initially of lower quality before the enhancement process.
  • The lower pricing makes enhanced diamonds more accessible to a wider range of consumers.
  • Fracture filling and other enhancements can improve the appearance of diamonds, making them more desirable to jewelers and the general public.
  • The demand for fracture-filled diamonds is influenced by their visual improvement and affordability.

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