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Article: Diamond Exchange District

Diamond Exchange District


  • Moshe Aviv Tower: Tallest building in Israel
  • Leonardo City Tower: Tallest hotel in Israel
  • Diamond Tower: Contains the world's largest diamond trading hall
  • Ayalon Tower: Third tallest building in Ramat Gan
  • Gibor Sport House: Designed by AMAV Architects, similar to Moshe Aviv Tower

Moshe Aviv Tower

  • Tallest building in Israel
  • Also known as City Gate
  • Surpassed by Leonardo City Tower in 2001
  • Located in Ramat Gan
  • Impressive architectural design

Leonardo City Tower

  • Tallest hotel in Israel
  • Surpassed Moshe Aviv Tower in 2001
  • Construction completed in 2000
  • Located in Ramat Gan
  • Impressive height and design

Diamond Tower

  • Contains world's largest diamond trading hall
  • Tallest building in Ramat Gan from 1989 to 2000
  • Surpassed by Sheraton City Tower
  • Accommodates up to 1,000 people
  • Impressive height and trading facilities


  • Diamond Exchange District administered by Diamond Exchange District Administration
  • Annual budget of ILS 5 million
  • Responsible for upkeep of public space
  • Handles marketing and general development
  • Ensures smooth functioning of the district

Future Plans:

  • Plan to increase district's occupied space from 1.1 million square meters to 3.7 million
  • Proposed 120-floor tower
  • Addition of 1,000 apartments
  • General urban renewal scheme for the district
  • Promoted by the city of Ramat Gan


  • Diamond District, New York City
  • Antwerp diamond district, Belgium
  • Silicon Wadi
  • Economy of Israel
  • Moshe Schnitzer, key player in international diamond trade


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  • Diamond Museum opened in the Diamond Exchange area in Ramat Gan.
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External links:

  • Wikimedia Commons: Diamond Exchange District
  • Authority control databases: National Israel

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