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Article: Briolette


Briolette and Pendeloque Gemstone Cutting Techniques

  • Briolette of India
  • Originated in India
  • Known for its teardrop shape
  • Popular in jewelry making
  • Often used in earrings
  • Pendeloque
  • Resembles a pear shape
  • Commonly used in earrings and pendants
  • Provides a unique and elegant look
  • Often seen in vintage jewelry

Briolette Gemstone Cutting Information

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Benefits and Uses of Briolette and Pendeloque Gemstone Cutting

  • Briolette of India and Pendeloque are popular gemstone cutting techniques
  • Used in jewelry making, particularly for earrings and pendants
  • Provide unique and elegant looks
  • Briolette of India is known for its teardrop shape, while Pendeloque resembles a pear shape
  • Pendeloque is often seen in vintage jewelry

Briolette Data Sources

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