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Article: Bridal crown

Bridal crown

History and Symbolism

  • Bridal crowns are one of the oldest forms of headdress worn by women.
  • They symbolize purity and serve as a status symbol for the bride's family.
  • Bridal crowns were popular in farming areas.
  • Initially, they were decorated with flowers, fir branches, herbs, and ripe fruits. Later, more expensive materials like pearls, mirrors, and precious metals were used.

Regional Variations

  • In Norway, Sweden, and Serbia, bridal crowns were made of silver.
  • In Bavaria and Silesia, bridal crowns were made of gold wire, glass stones, and glittering metal flakes.
  • In the Black Forest, bridal crowns feature pearls, glass balls, mirrors, ribbons, and paper roses.
  • The Sorbs in Lusatia wear a headdress called 'Borta.'
  • Thuringia has a farming costume called 'Hormt' that includes a bridal crown.

Modern Usage

  • In Scandinavia, bridal crowns are made of brass, silver, or gold.
  • They resemble smaller versions of princess coronets and often have gems and ornate decorations.
  • Scandinavian church parishes lend bridal crowns to brides for their wedding ceremonies and receptions.
  • Bridal crowns in Scandinavia relate to the Virgin Mary and symbolize a young woman's purity and virginity.
  • They are often attached to long veils.

Literature and External Resources

  • Hartmut Braun wrote about the cultural origin of the 'Sch√§ppel' in the Black Forest.
  • The German Heimatbund's Trachtenkunde provides information about bridal crowns.
  • Wikimedia Commons has a collection of media related to bridal crowns.
  • The Black Forest Folk Costume Museum in Haslach showcases a variety of bridal crowns.
  • The Sch√§ppel is a traditional costume in Schiltach-Lehengericht, Black Forest.
  • The Black Forest Folk Costume Museum in Haslach is a reliable source of information.
  • Svenska Dagbladet published an article by Eva B√§ckstedt on bridal crowns.
  • Helena Michon-Bordes wrote about bridal crowns in the Uppsala √§rkestift Yearbook.
  • Ingebretsens Scandinavian Gifts provides cultural information about weddings and bridal crowns.
  • Wedding Dresses is a resource that may contain relevant information.

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