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Article: Bezel (jewellery)

Bezel (jewellery)

Definition and Types of Bezel

  • A bezel is a wider and usually thicker section of the hoop of a ring.
  • It can contain a gem or a flat surface with an engraved design.
  • Bezels are commonly worn on the upper or outer side of the finger.
  • In gem-cutting, bezel refers to the sloping facets that surround the flat table face of a cut stone.
  • Bezels can also be found on tools, appliances, vehicles, cell phones, and tablets.

Bezel Settings

  • Bezel settings are used to hold stones in place with a raised metal rim.
  • Modern bezel settings use a band of metal with a groove and a flange.
  • Historic bezel settings often had a hole or slot in the ring with a thin lip to hold the stone.
  • Bezel settings can also refer to a rotatable rim on a clock or watch.
  • Other types of bezel settings include swivel bezels and box bezels.

Advantages of Bezel Settings

  • Bezel settings provide better protection for the stone compared to prong settings.
  • They are less likely to allow the stone to scratch other surfaces.
  • Bezel settings offer increased security and reduce the risk of the stone being dislodged.
  • They are commonly used for diamonds and provide a secure fastener.
  • Flush settings are a variation of bezel settings, extending the top of the diamond above the base.

Bezels in Jewelry Making

  • In modern bezel settings, the bezel is shaped to fit the gem and soldered into place.
  • Cabochon stones rely on a shallow angle cut into the side of the stone to stay in place.
  • Clear, faceted stones like diamonds have a shallow groove cut into the bezel itself.
  • Bezel settings for diamonds are also called rub-over settings.
  • Flush settings are another variation of bezel settings for diamond rings.

References and Citations

  • The definition of bezel can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary and
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  • The British Museum collection database showcases examples of different types of bezels.
  • Etymonline provides the etymology and meaning of the word 'bezel.'
  • Additional references and citations can be found in the Wikipedia article on bezel (jewelry).

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