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Article: Bespoke


Origins and Definitions of Bespoke

  • Derived from the verb 'bespeak'
  • First cited in 1583 in the Oxford English Dictionary
  • Adjective 'bespoken' means ordered, commissioned, arranged for
  • Generally used in British English, while American English uses 'custom'
  • Increased usage in American English during the 21st century
  • Term originated from custom tailoring
  • Refers to something made to order or customized
  • Oxford University Press mentions the term in 1909
  • Safire's article in The New York Times discusses the meaning of bespoke
  • Gentlemen's Quarterly provides a definition of bespoke

Bespoke in Fashion and Artisan Craftsmanship

  • Associated with tailor-made suits and shoemaking
  • Used as an adjective in the autobiography of Charlotte Charke
  • Most clothing and goods were made to measure before the 19th century
  • Became associated with top-end market and more expensive in developed countries
  • Wall Street Journal article explores how bespoke now applies to various industries
  • London's original artisans are not amused by the expanded use of bespoke
  • Vanity Fair article discusses custom cobbling as an example of bespoke craftsmanship
  • The Independent examines the delusions of grandeur associated with bespoke
  • The New York Times highlights bespoke perfumes and their high cost

Bespoke in Branding and Marketing

  • Implies exclusivity and used in marketing and branding
  • Used to describe software, database, and computer applications
  • Also used to describe cars, furniture, medicine, and investment tools
  • Associated with British upper class by Americans
  • Proliferation of the term in corporations and among investors
  • IndiaToday article discusses the importance of a personal touch in branding
  • The New York Times mentions the global reach of bespoke in the software industry
  • Customization as a key aspect of bespoke branding
  • The New York Times article explores bespoke experiences and personalization
  • The significance of bespoke in luxury branding and marketing

Bespoke in Language and Communication

  • Safire's article in The New York Times discusses the linguistic usage of bespoke
  • The New York Times article highlights the term's popularity in software empire
  • The various connotations and meanings of bespoke in different contexts
  • How bespoke language can convey a personal touch and individuality
  • The New York Times article explores bespoke as a form of communication

Bespoke in Consumer Preferences and Trends

  • Savile Row Bespoke Association has requirements for the term 'bespoke'
  • Some manufacturers do not follow these requirements
  • Controversy arose when Sartoriani used 'bespoke' to describe its suits
  • Savile Row tailors use the term for custom handmade suits
  • The New York Times article discusses the growing demand for bespoke products
  • The New York Times article explores bespoke experiences and their appeal
  • The customization trend and the rise of bespoke offerings in various industries
  • The New York Times article highlights bespoke as a reflection of personal preferences
  • The desire for unique and personalized products drives the demand for bespoke

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