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Article: Bench jeweler

Bench jeweler

Jewelry Manufacturing

  • Original designs made using molding, casting, stamping, and similar techniques
  • Model maker responsible for turning design into a metal jewelry model
  • Model is molded or entered into a machining process to make copies
  • Cast pieces undergo various work including filing, straightening, rounding, and sizing
  • Bench jewelers, also known as goldsmiths, handle main work in turning raw casting into jewelry

Special-order Jewelry

  • Special-order jewelry involves making one-of-a-kind items
  • Made in precious materials with less need for exacting precision compared to model making
  • Special-order jewelers turn designs into finished jewelry using wax carving or complex fabrication skills
  • Gemstones are often incorporated into special-order pieces
  • Design and construction must properly hold gemstones

Anatomy of a Jewelry Shop

  • Typical categories in a jewelry shop include casting room, bench jewelers, polishing department, and stonesetting
  • Model maker may also handle special orders, repair, and engraving
  • Foreman and front office handle management
  • Additional departments may include engravers, enlistments, and machine shop
  • Good shop operates as a team with work passing back and forth between departments

Bench Jewelers

  • Bench jeweler refers to a jeweler with a larger set of skills than a production worker
  • Skills may include stone setting, engraving, and more
  • Traditionally, responsibilities were strictly delineated, but modern jewelers are more versatile
  • Bench jeweler can refer to any work in jewelry making, including model making, special orders, repair, and assembly
  • Term is increasingly used to describe all-around jewelers


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