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Custom & Bespoke Engagement Rings

At Harry and Co Jewellery our signature engagement ring and wedding ring designs are crafted to order right here in Adelaide.

Each diamond or gemstone is sourced specifically for you and our diamond graders love to help guide you through this process.  

An entirely personal experience, because you deserve an exceptional piece of jewellery, and an unforgettable experience. 

Fine Crafted Rings - Just for You

Bespoke and customised pieces are at the essence of everything we are about because we all have different values and different elements that are important to us.

That’s why every piece of jewellery we sell is able to be customised.  We have collections of engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, necklaces etc and we pride ourselves on their meticulous design. However, the ability to be able to customise these pieces, to make them yours, is what makes us truly special.


Our collection of solitaire engagement rings, affectionately coined ‘The One’ collection, has been meticulously designed so that your centre stone appears to float on your finger and it has been created with just enough height to allow a wedding ring of your choosing to sit flush against it. 


However - the all important centre stone – that is entirely your choosing.

Naturally mined diamonds, lab grown diamond, champagne diamonds, morganite, sapphire, the list goes on. The colour, the clarity of your diamond, all of which we help you choose.


We are experts in gemmology and diamond grading and love nothing more than helping people choose the perfect centre stone for them.


We provide consultations face-to-face or over Zoom to personally take you through the hand selection of your centre stone, offering advice and education along the way to ensure you make the right decision for your ring.  Your budget, your lifestyle, your partner, your values are all considered as we guide you through what is a very enjoyable process.


One other emphasis of our business, aside from customising pieces, is our emphasis on quality. Each piece of jewellery we create is crafted in the highest quality and using premium materials.


All engagement and wedding rings are made with 14kt gold as their minimum standard, ensuring your stones are set in premium metal, with 18kt and Platinum options as well.


The base minimum for our diamond selection, is G colour and SI clarity.  G colour and SI clarity ensures your diamonds will ALWAYS be white and without inclusions noticeable to the eye.  They won’t lose their sparkle and fire when you take them out of premium lighting.


G colour and SI clarity minimum – we truly believe that the quality of all our diamond jewellery speaks for itself.


So browse our collections, find inspiration within, or bring inspired ideas to us, and let’s begin fine crafting a piece just for you.

And whenever you are ready - feel free to book a design consultation with Mena


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