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Eternal - claw set moissanite with a sweeping scallop setting

Eternal is a glamourous classic that will remain timeless. Featuring a glittering band of sweeping claw set moissanite designed to let maximum light in.  It creates a breathtaking look that maximises sparkle and brilliance - she is the perfect addition to any stack or simply stunning on her own! 

 With moissanite that go 3/4 of the way around the band, to 'vanishing point' leaving a small sizing bar in the back.

It can also be customised to have moissanite all the way around the band - just email us for a quote.

It is a beautiful complement to many engagement ring designs and is available in a range of diamond sizes.

Petite Eternal is a 1.6mm band 

Eternal is a 1.8mm band 

Statement eternal is a 2mm band 

We can also perfectly customise to your exact proportions - just email us to start the conversation and obtain a quote.

From: Sale price$1,300.00
White gold diamond wedding ring claw set
Eternal - claw set moissanite with a sweeping scallop settingFrom: Sale price$1,300.00