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Angelica | Trilogy Ring featuring three emerald cut stones

This exquisite Angelica trilogy engagement ring features three pristine emerald cut stones of unsurpassed brilliance, a soaring symbol of commitment and romance. Crafted from the finest materials and detailed with precision, it is a breathtaking token of your vows.

Please refer to the price for indicative pricing.  The final price will depend on the specific grade and size of the diamond or centre stone.  


Indicative price is based on a 6 x 4mm emerald cut centre stone in lab grown diamond F/VS clarity with complimenting emerald cut side stones in the same F/VS colour and clarity set in 14kt gold.


From: Sale price$4,500.00
Trilogy three stone ring with three emerald cut diamonds in rose gold
Angelica | Trilogy Ring featuring three emerald cut stonesFrom: Sale price$4,500.00


Our signature solitaire

A timeless and refined engagement ring style, the solitaire setting, allows for the diamond or gemstone centrepiece to unapologetically shine.