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Engagement Rings

Explore our extensive collection of exquisite engagement rings. Discover the perfect ring for that special person in your life.

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Sadie - Pear Shape Halo Diamond RingSadie - Pear Shape Halo Diamond Ring
Sadie - Pear Shape Halo Diamond RingFrom: Sale priceFrom $2,500.00
Oval diamond engagement ring with diamond halo and diamonds in the bandOval diamond engagement ring with diamond halo and diamonds in the band
Lois - a stunning criss cross band with a diamond band intersecting a flat profile bandLois - a stunning criss cross band with a diamond band intersecting a flat profile band
CompassFrom: Sale priceFrom $2,000.00
Rose Gold engagement ring with marquise shape black diamond and white diamond haloRose Gold engagement ring with marquise shape black diamond and white diamond halo
Lauren | Oval Trilogy RingLauren | Oval Trilogy Ring
Lauren | Oval Trilogy RingFrom: Sale priceFrom $4,500.00
Elle | Round Brilliant Diamond Trilogy RingElle | Round Brilliant Diamond Trilogy Ring
Elle | Round Brilliant Diamond Trilogy RingFrom: Sale priceFrom $4,500.00
Emerald cut set at east westEmerald cut diamond engagement ring set at east west
Gretta | Cushion Cut Halo Diamond RingGretta | Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Ring
Gretta | Cushion Cut Halo Diamond RingFrom: Sale priceFrom $2,500.00
Alicia | Pear Shape diamond engagement ring with round diamond clustersAlicia | Pear Shape diamond engagement ring with round diamond clusters
Trilogy three 3 stone engagement ring with oval centre stone and trapezoid side stones

Discover your ideal engagement ring

Choosing your ideal engagement ring is a significant decision. An engagement ring is a sparkling symbol of your love, relationship, and commitment. This timeless piece should reflect your partner's style and personality to perfection.

Think about their style - do they lean towards modern or vintage aesthetics? Are they drawn towards the brilliance of diamond engagement rings? Or inspired by the captivating colour of gemstones like sapphire? Do they prefer the lustre of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or the exclusivity of platinum? The gemstone's cut gives each engagement ring a distinctive appeal.  Explore round, oval or one of the many other stunning diamond shapes. 

The perfect engagement ring is one that narrates your unique love story. It's not about the diamond's carat size or the price tag attached. Its foundation is the affection and thoughtfulness encapsulated within. The quest for the perfect engagement ring is a very special journey. This is the same whether you're choosing it together, or planning a surprise proposal.

What Engagement Rings Designs Can You Find at Harry & Co.?

Harry & Co. offer an array of engagement rings to match different styles and personalities. We have a selection of solitaire designs exuding minimalist charm. Or three stone, trilogy rings with clusters of smaller stones sparkling beautifully on the hand.

Many engagement rings feature a central gemstone, often a diamond. We also cater to the growing popularity of other precious stones such as moissanite.

Each cut - pear, round, emerald, elongated cushion, marquise or oval - lends a different visual appeal to the ring. The simplicity of a solitaire style set in a band, to the glamour of a halo style surrounded by smaller diamonds.

For those with an inclination towards the old-world charm, we offer vintage-inspired rings. These designs exude romantic and timeless appeal. All ensuring there's a perfect engagement ring for everyone at Harry & Co.

Oval Engagement ring with diamond halo featuring graduating diamonds in a yellow gold band

How to select the right diamond cut for your engagement ring?

Selecting the correct diamond cut for your engagement ring is about personal style. A round brilliant or oval cut diamond is a perfect choice for classic aesthetics.  Both cuts renowned for their sparkling facets.

For those with contemporary tastes, pear or emerald cut diamonds are excellent alternatives. The unique shape of these cuts offer a modern look.

If you want your ring to stand out, consider a halo setting, with a circle of smaller diamonds. These accentuate the central stone, making it appear larger and more radiant.

The crucial thing is to choose a diamond cut that you'll cherish forever. Consider your personal style and what you'll enjoy wearing daily. Remember, your engagement ring symbolizes your unique love story.

Should you buy engagement rings online or in person?

Choosing a women's or men's engagement ring is a unique journey. The choice should resonate with your comfort and personal preferences.

Online browsing showcases a variety of facet shapes, gemstone designs, and settings. All with support to help you find the perfect engagement ring.

Luxury jewellers also offer an intimate personalised and bespoke service. This service can enhance the process of choosing the perfect symbol of commitment.

Both avenues have their own unique charm.

Discovering Your Dream Engagement Ring at Harry & Co.

Discover your perfect ring at Harry & Co. in Adelaide. Our unique collections offer an exceptional choice when shopping for engagement rings. Our collections also include wedding bands, and other pieces of fine jewellery.

Every engagement ring design is crafted to symbolise your unique bond and commitment.  From single-stone solitaires, to radiant diamond pave encrusted pieces. 

At Harry & Co, we make your engagement ring selection experience as memorable as the moment you say "I do." Explore our collection and find the perfect symbol of your love story.