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Article: 20 Ways To Find Out Your Partner's Ring Size Without Them Knowing

20 Ways To Find Out Your Partner's Ring Size Without Them Knowing

20 Ways To Find Out Your Partner's Ring Size Without Them Knowing

Figuring out your partner's exact ring size can be pretty tricky, especially when you're planning a surprise proposal, or a special gift.

Getting the size right not only helps ensure a comfortable fit, but also lets your partner feel that you've been really thoughtful and gone the extra mile. So, being realistic, trying to find out their ring size without tipping them off can be quite a challenge!

We've compiled a big list of tried-and-true tactics to discreetly determine your partner's ring size. The list includes everything from simple ideas to slightly quirky strategies.  Like using their existing rings, getting help from friends and family, or trying creative distractions to other sneaky methods. 

With our first-hand knowledge and tips passed on from couples, you'll be brimming with all the ideas to get the exact info you need. In fact everything you need to help keep your plans top secret.  Maybe something on the list will trigger your own unique idea, and we'd love to hear it.

But always remember, the initial size really doesn't have to be spot-on, as most rings can be resized by a skilled local jeweller.

So, if you're struggling not to be found out try not to stress too much about nailing the sizing down to a T. Just focus on the love and commitment that the ring represents, and let us help you along the way. 

20 Ways To Find Out Your Partner's Ring Size Without Them Knowing

Let's dive straight into these tips and we'll get you closer to that unforgettable ring surprise.

1. Borrow an existing ring: 

If your partner already wears a ring on their ring finger (or a similar-sized finger), you can temporarily borrow it and take it to a jeweller to have it sized. Be sure to choose a time when they are not likely to notice the ring is missing.

2. Ask friends or family: 

Enlist the help of friends or family members who may already know your partner's ring size or can help you find out without arousing suspicion.

3. Compare with your own fingers: 

If your partner takes off an existing ring, try it on. Make a note of where their ring finger lines up on one of your fingers and share this information with a jeweller.

4. Make an educated guess: 

If you do end up running out of all other options, you could try simply guessing on the ring size. The guess would be based on your partner's height, weight, and finger proportions. Keep in mind that this method is quite risky, and you may need to significantly resize the ring later.

5. Visit a jeweller together: 

If you're planning a surprise engagement but are unsure about ring size, you can propose with a placeholder ring or no ring at all. After the proposal, you can visit a jeweller together to pick out the perfect ring and size.

6. Trace a ring: 

If you can access one of your partner's rings that fits their ring finger, place it on a piece of paper and trace the inner circumference. You can then take the tracing to a jeweller to determine the size.

7. Play a guessing game: 

Casually engage your partner in a fun guessing game that involves guessing each other's sizes and facts for various items, which could then include rings.

8. Use a piece of string: 

While your partner is asleep or otherwise unaware, gently wrap a piece of string or dental floss around their ring finger and mark the point where the string overlaps. Measure the length and use a ring size chart to determine the size.

9. Go shopping together: 

Suggest going window shopping together for fun, and stop by a jewellery store. Encourage your partner to try on rings just for fun, and pay attention to the sizes that fit them best.

10. Enlist a friend's help: 

Ask a close friend of your partner to take them out shopping for rings under the guise of buying one for themselves or someone else. The friend can then ask your partner to try on rings to compare sizes and report back to you.

11. Use a ring sizing app: 

Some smartphone apps allow you to measure a ring size by placing an existing ring on the screen. If you can borrow one of your partner's rings that fits their ring finger, this could be a useful tool.

12. Observe their comments: 

Pay attention to any comments your partner may make about ring sizes when discussing friends' engagements or weddings. They might mention their own ring size in passing.

13. Create a craft project: 

Suggest a fun DIY project involving making homemade rings or jewellery. As you create the project together, you can measure your partner's finger discreetly.

14. Watch for holiday wish lists: 

During holidays or birthdays, your partner might create a wish list that includes their ring size. Keep an eye out for such details, especially around special occasions.

15. Create a couple's questionnaire: 

Make a fun couple's questionnaire with a mix of random and personal questions. Include a question about ring sizes, and both of you can answer the questionnaire together.

16. Suggest a ring cleaning: 

Offer to help your partner clean their jewellery, including their rings. While cleaning, you can discreetly measure the ring that fits their ring finger using a ring sizer or by comparing it to a ring size chart.

17. Gift a fashion ring: 

Purchase a fashion ring as a gift for your partner and ask for their ring size beforehand, explaining that you want to make sure it fits. 

18. Use a ring sizing strip: 

Print out a ring sizing strip from an online source, and find an opportunity to wrap it around your partner's ring finger while they're distracted or asleep. Note the size indicated by the strip.

19. Subtly ask about ring preferences: 

In a casual conversation about jewellery or accessories, ask your partner about their preferences for rings, which might include styles, metals, and sizes. They may inadvertently reveal their ring size during the discussion.

20. Be inquisitive about sizing:  

Act dumb about sizing and how the lettering works.  If you wear a ring, discuss how you don’t know what the size is.  Lead the conversation to try to trick your partner to reveal theirs.


As we mentioned earlier, although it's important to try and find the correct ring size, rings are quite commonly resized after the initial purchase. Focus on the love and commitment that the ring symbolises and don't stress too much about finding the perfect size.

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