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Article: World Federation of Diamond Bourses

World Federation of Diamond Bourses

World Federation of Diamond Bourses Members and Member Bourses

  • Antwerpsche Diamantkring CVBA (Belgium)
  • Bangkok Diamonds and Precious Stones Exchange (Thailand)
  • Beurs voor Diamanthandel CVBA (Belgium)
  • Bharat Diamond Bourse (India)
  • Borsa Diamanti D'Italia (Italy)
  • Diamant- und Edelsteinbörse E.V. (Germany)
  • Diamant-Club Wien (Austria)
  • Diamantclub van Antwerpen CVBA (Belgium)
  • Diamond Bourse of Canada
  • Diamond Bourse of Southeast United States, Inc.

World Federation of Diamond Bourses Headquarters and Functions

  • Located in Antwerp
  • Acts as a medium for wholesale diamond exchange
  • Trades both polished and rough diamonds
  • Consists of independent diamond bourses in major centers of the diamond trade
  • Centers include Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Johannesburg, London, and New York

World Federation of Diamond Bourses Regulations and Objectives

  • Provides a legal framework for its members
  • Convenes to enact regulations for diamond trading
  • Ensures compliance and fair practices within the diamond industry
  • Promotes transparency and ethical conduct among members
  • Facilitates global cooperation and communication in the diamond trade

World Federation of Diamond Bourses Associated Members

  • The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council India (GJEPC)
  • Hong Kong Indian Diamond Association (HKIDA)

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World Federation of Diamond Bourses Data Sources

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