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Article: Tie clip

Tie clip

History of Tie Clips

  • Tie clips gained prominence during the 1920s fashion era
  • They replaced traditional tie pins
  • Tie clips were commonly used with straight ties

Ornamentation and Use of Tie Clips

  • Tie clips are commonly made of metal
  • They often have decorative patterns or embellishments
  • Some tie clips have small badges indicating club membership or affiliation
  • Tie clips can serve as commemorative tokens
  • Tie clips are allowed as jewelry for servicemen and women in the United States

Related Tie Accessories

  • Clip-on tie
  • Collar pin
  • Tie chain
  • Tie pin


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  • Additional sources and references can provide further information on tie clips
  • Research and publications on tie clips can offer more insights
  • Academic studies on tie clips may provide historical context and analysis

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