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Article: Morganite (gem)

Morganite (gem)

Name and Characteristics

  • Morganite named after J. P. Morgan in 1911.
  • Also known as pink beryl, rose beryl, pink emerald, and cesian beryl.
  • Pink color attributed to Mn ions.
  • Pleochroic; appears more pink when viewed down its crystallographic axis.
  • More durable than emerald due to lack of inclusions and fractures.


  • Pink beryl first discovered off the coast of Madagascar in 1910.
  • Named morganite after J. P. Morgan by the New York Academy of Sciences.
  • The Rose of Maine, one of the largest morganite specimens, found in 1989.
  • Morganite unknown in many jewelry stores before 2011 but increasing in popularity.

Value and Popularity

  • Second most popular non-diamond stone after sapphire according to a 2017 survey.
  • A single carat of morganite can cost about $300.
  • One of the rarest members of the beryl family, second only to red beryl.
  • High-quality morganites tend to be expensive per carat.
  • Deep pink morganites are the most valuable.


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Additional Information

  • Morganite is a gemstone.
  • Morganite is more durable than emerald.
  • Morganite is increasing in popularity.
  • Morganite is the second most popular non-diamond stone.
  • Morganite can be expensive, especially high-quality ones.
  • Deep pink morganites are the most valuable.

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