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Article: Erusin


Erusin in the Hebrew Bible

  • Introduction of the concept of erusin in the book of Deuteronomy
  • Adultery is punishable by death, but the couple is not fully considered married
  • Betrothal can be achieved by purchasing the girl from her father
  • The bride and her father are given parts of the mohar (bride price)
  • Mohar gradually lost its original meaning and was given entirely to the bride

Erusin in the Talmud

  • Three methods of performing erusin: handing a coin or object, handing a document, or consummation (prohibited)
  • Woman's consent is required, can be implied by her silence

The ceremony

  • Erusin is preceded by a blessing over wine and the bircat erusin (betrothal blessing)
  • The blessings are usually recited by someone other than the groom, such as the Rabbi
  • Betrothal is performed by giving the bride a well-known object of value, like a gold ring
  • The groom consecrates the bride with the ring according to the laws of Moses and Israel
  • The ketubah (marriage contract) is read to separate erusin and nissuin (two parts of the wedding)

Other issues

  • Betrothed couple is regarded as husband and wife for legal purposes
  • The couple is not obliged to behave like a married couple or have a sexual relationship
  • Marrying without an engagement (shiddukhin) is prohibited by the rabbis
  • Signing a Shetar haTnaim (formal form of engagement) is a common custom
  • The betrothal ceremony is read close to the start of the ceremony

Related topics

  • Chuppah, a canopy under which the Jewish wedding takes place
  • Jewish views on marriage
  • References to the Jewish Encyclopedia articles on betrothal and marriage ceremonies
  • Ketubot 57b in the Talmud
  • Genesis 34:12, Exodus 22:16–17, Deuteronomy 20:7, Deuteronomy 22:29, Hosea 2:19–20 as references

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