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Article: Detonation nanodiamond

Detonation nanodiamond

Properties and Synthesis of Detonation Nanodiamonds

  • Diamond yield after detonation depends on synthesis condition and cooling capacity
  • Cooling capacity affects diamond yield, which can reach 90%
  • Diamond is extracted from soot using high-temperature high-pressure boiling in acid
  • Diamond grains in soot are around 5nm in size and form micrometer-sized clusters
  • Nanosized diamond has a large relative surface area and can attach molecules from the atmosphere
  • Nanodiamonds can be synthesized from graphite in organic liquid using ultrasonic cavitation
  • High-energy laser pulses can be used to irradiate graphite and produce diamond
  • Nanodiamonds can be produced at near-ambient conditions by a microplasma process
  • Nanodiamonds formed from gas require no surface to grow on
  • Alternative methods offer competitive cost compared to the HPHT process

Applications of Nanodiamonds

  • Nanodiamonds are used in lapping and polishing
  • They are added to engine oils as additives
  • Nanodiamonds serve as dry lubricants for the metal industry
  • They are used as reinforcing fillers for plastic and rubber
  • Nanodiamonds are thermal fillers for creating thermally conductive materials

Use of Nanodiamonds in Medicine

  • Nanodiamonds can shuttle chemotherapy drugs to cells without negative effects
  • They surround drugs to prevent damage to healthy cells
  • Nanodiamonds release drugs into cancer cells
  • Leftover nanodiamonds do not induce inflammation in cells
  • Nanodiamonds have potential for transforming cancer treatment

Ig Nobel 2012 Peace Prize

  • SKN Company was awarded the Ig Nobel Peace Prize in 2012
  • The company converted old Russian ammunition into nanodiamonds

Noteworthy Points

  • Diamond yield can reach 90% depending on synthesis conditions and cooling capacity
  • Nanodiamonds can be synthesized using alternative methods with competitive cost
  • Nanodiamonds have various applications in industries such as lapping, polishing, lubrication, and material reinforcement
  • In medicine, nanodiamonds show potential for targeted drug delivery and cancer treatment
  • SKN Company received the Ig Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 for converting old ammunition into nanodiamonds.

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