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Article: Cubic crystal system

Cubic crystal system

Bravais Lattices and Crystal Classes

  • Bravais lattices: primitive cubic, body-centered cubic, face-centered cubic
  • Crystal classes: 36 cubic space groups, isometric crystal system, hexoctahedral, crystallographic point group notation

Single Element Structures

  • Primitive cubic structure: rare in nature, found in polonium
  • Body-centered cubic and face-centered cubic structures: common in nature, examples include iron, chromium, tungsten, niobium
  • Diamond cubic structure: found in carbon, silicon, germanium, tin

Multi-Element Structures

  • Compounds with cubic crystal structures: based on the cubic system, interpenetrating sublattices, examples include caesium chloride structure and rock-salt structure

Specific Crystal Structures

  • Caesium chloride structure: ions arranged in a primitive cubic lattice, coordination number of eight, found in alkali halides and rare earth intermetallic compounds
  • Rock-salt structure: octahedral coordination, examples include sodium chloride and alkali halides
  • Fluorite structure: Fm3m structure with a 1:2 ratio of ions, similar to rock-salt structure
  • Zincblende structure: tetrahedral coordination, examples include zincblende and compound semiconductors
  • Heusler structure: based on CuMnAl structure, common for ternary compounds involving transition metals
  • Iron monosilicide structure: chiral structure associated with helimagnetic properties

Cubic Crystal System

  • Definition and characteristics: one of the seven crystal systems, three mutually perpendicular axes of equal length, high symmetry and isotropy
  • Common elements and compounds: examples include sodium chloride, diamond, metals, rare earth compounds, binary transition metal compounds
  • Physical properties: high symmetry and isotropy, high mechanical strength and hardness, isotropic conductors or insulators, high optical transparency
  • Applications: semiconductor devices, gemstones, electrical wiring, magnetism, optoelectronics
  • Research and studies: synthesis, characterization, phase transitions, electronic structure, thermodynamic properties

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