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Article: Anklet


History of Anklets

  • Anklets have been worn for over 8,000 years by girls and women in the Indus Valley and Egypt.
  • Anklets became fashionable in the United States from the 1930s to the late 20th century.
  • Formal anklets made of silver, gold, or beads are used as fashion jewelry.
  • Anklets are an important piece of jewelry in Indian marriages, worn with saris.
  • Some people wear permanent ankle chains and connecting chains.

Anklets in Egypt

  • Anklets were worn by Egyptian women of all social classes since predynastic times.
  • Anklets were made of different metals, with gold being more common among the rich.
  • Anklets were made of beads threaded in several rows during the fourth, fifth, and sixth dynasties.
  • Anklets were worn by dancers in ancient Egypt.
  • Anklets are still commonly worn by dancers in public events.

Anklets in Europe

  • Bronze anklets were visible in temperate Europe during the Bronze Age.
  • Anklets were found in hoards along the Danube, Alpine foreland, Rhine, and Rhône.
  • Ancient Greek and Roman women wore anklets called Periscelis.
  • Plebeian women wore silver anklets, while patricians wore gold anklets.
  • Anklets are not commonly worn by Egyptian women in public due to increased Islamic conservatism.

Anklets in South Asia

  • Anklets were used in the Neolithic and chalcolithic periods at Mehrgarh.
  • Rajasthani women wear silver anklets to signify tribal adherence.
  • In Odisha, there are anklets known as Paunji Nupur and Padapadma.
  • Traditionally, only Kshatriya persons can wear gold anklets in India.
  • Anklets are called Payal in Hindi and Jhanjar in Punjabi.

Anklets in Sri Lanka

  • Dancers in Sri Lanka wear anklets on both ankles.
  • Anklets are made of silver, gold, and other materials.
  • Flexible anklets are made by tying links in a chain and can have sonorous bells attached.
  • Anklets called Salangai or ghunghru are worn by Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, and Odissi dancers.
  • Scuba divers sometimes wear lead anklets, and convicted criminals may wear ankle monitors.

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