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Article: American Gem Society

American Gem Society

History and Founder

  • AGS was created by Robert M. Shipley.
  • Shipley realized the lack of expertise in gems and jewelry among American jewelers.
  • Shipley completed the Great Britain National Association of Goldsmiths gemological correspondence course in Europe.
  • Shipley founded his own preliminary course in gemology in Los Angeles in 1930.
  • Shipley worked to promote the need for gemological education and train certified jewelers.


  • Invented the industry's first scientifically reviewed, objective, and repeatable Cut Grade method.
  • Created the Ideal Cut Grade for Round Brilliant shaped diamonds (AGS Ideal or Triple Zero Cut).
  • Offered diamond grading reports with a Cut Grade for Princess, Emerald, Oval, and other fancy diamond shapes.
  • Achieved significant accomplishments within the field of gemology and jewelry.
  • Played a key role in the foundation of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Laboratory Services

  • AGS Laboratories offers diamond grading services based on the Four Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight.
  • Provides diamond grading reports to verify the quality of purchased diamonds.
  • Offers laser inscription services to inscribe diamonds with serial numbers, company logos, or other text.
  • Laser inscription is performed on the girdle and does not affect diamond quality.
  • AGS Laboratories serves the jewelry industry with its laboratory services.

References and Additional Information

  • Shipley Shaped GIA Mission on Personal Experience, Commitment to Improvement.
  • About AGS Laboratories.
  • American Gem Society.
  • AGS Laboratories FAQs.
  • Laser Inscription Services.
  • AGS Laboratories is a significant part of the AGS operation.
  • Laser inscription service provides a unique way to personalize diamonds.
  • AGS Laboratories' diamond grading reports are trusted in the industry.
  • AGS Laboratories contributes to the verification and quality assurance of diamonds.
  • AGS Laboratories' services benefit both jewelers and consumers.

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